Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tokyo Drift vs KL Drift

Tokyo Drift film is about a frustrated teen from a broken home, Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) is an outsider looking to make a name for himself on the illegal street racing circuit. When Sean is busted by the police for his high-speed exploits and given the option of either spending time behind bars or moving overseas to live with his no-nonsense, military man father who's currently stationed in Tokyo, the young rebel packs his bags and sets his sights on Nippon. Though at first reluctant to adapt to the unfamiliar customs and foreign code of honor of his new home, Sean soon strikes up a friendship with American speed freak Twinkie (Bow Wow), a like-minded race fan who schools the inexperienced newcomer in the pulse-pounding world of drift-racing. Inadvertently challenging local champion and yakuza associate D.K. (The Drift King) his first time on the road, Sean is subsequently forced to work under expatriate Han (Sung Kang) to pay off his debt after failing to cross the finish line first. Taking note of the young American's affinity for racing as he warmly welcomes him into his merry band of misfit drift-fanatics, Han slowly introduces Sean to the key principles of the popular new racing style. When Sean makes the potentially deadly mistake of falling for D.K.'s girlfriend Neela (Nathalie Kelley), he'll need all the help he can get to face his most challenging race to date and take on the most notorious driver on the Tokyo drift scene in a hair-raising, hairpin-turn race where the winner truly takes all.

While, KL drift is about the story of Zack and Sham, close friends who share a passion for drift racing. Though the sport is popular with men, Zack's girlfriend (played by Fasha Sandha) took up the sport and became competitive in it. Zack is an elite racer who runs a workshop while Sham is more down to earth and always has problems with his racing car. Zack is unhappy with drug pushers selling on his racing patch, but Fasha (who is a former user) is friendly with some of them which leads to a confrontation between her and Zack. The pushers are sent to their boss Joe (played by Aaron Aziz),also a drift racer who uses race meets to sell his product.
A rift continues to grow between Zack and Fasha. Sham (played by Farid Kamil) becomes a middleman between the two but ends up also having feelings for her. Zack wins a challenge against Joe but falls out with Sham despite the latter's numerous apologies and attempts to distance himself from Fasha. Zack and Fasha also confront each other but solve nothing, with Fasha conflicted over her dwindling feelings for Zack and her growing attraction to Sham.
Joe's gang is not happy with the result and murders one of Zack and Sham's friends/mechanics. Zack angrily walks into the club Joe uses as a front but is almost killed by the gang. He is saved by Sham and Musa (another friend) but does not acknowledge or thank Sham. Musa convinces Zack that the police should be left to deal with Joe, before someone else dies. The police raid the club and arrest many gang members, though Joe is not caught.
Sham meets Fasha to clear the air, stating that he is unwilling to lose his brotherly friendship with Zack, and that he wants Fasha to stop contacting him altogether. Zack arrives and totally misreads the situation, forcing Fasha to follow him home. Joe arrives in his racing car and attempts to ram Zack and Fasha. They are saved by Sham, who pushes them out of the way at the cost of great injuries. Zack chases Joe down, resulting in Joe crashing head on into a truck and flipping over.
Things finish with Sham in hospital, presumably in a coma. Zack is chastized by his team members and a sobbing Fasha, though he and Fasha sit by Sham's bedside as the credits roll.

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