Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity has moreover become a major socialnconcern, linked to the growing diversity of social codesnwithin and between societies. Today cultural diversity becomenmuch more widespread, being facilitated by globalized communications and increased cultural contacts.

Many societies have recourse to various proxies, particularly ethnic or linguistic characterizations, to take account of their cultural heterogeneity. So, it will be different between each place or countries. For example i take China, when someone want married, the groom cant look that bride until he finished the process of wedding because the bride will close their face with red cloth. after they finished that process, that bride will be their wife and they given authority to look that bride and be their responsible to take care that women's.

In the context of globalization and increasing migration and urbanization, the challenges of preserving cultural identity quite hard because we more focuses on technology and it will effect our social and also communications with others.

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