Tuesday, February 26, 2013


[Marijuana], consisting of Muhamad Azim, Wan Hariz and last but not least, Hanif, are all just your average joe. Nothing more, nothing less, that is what best describe us. We are moderate, not mediocre. We stand up for the medium, not the popular.

To introduce ourselves, we like to bring front our frontman, Azim, to the spotlight in our first paragraph. Azim, almost aging up to 22 this year, is originally from Bachok, Kelantan. The best speaker for our team, a man with a deep passion for politics and sleeping, is best known for his low profile in the campus. A recent graduate of diploma in Oil and Gas from International Technology & Profession Malaysia College.

Next, our favourite member of the team, the outspoken Muhammad Hariz Razwan, is of age 22. Having a diploma from RCMP in Pharmacy, this seemingly carefree person is actually a caring person who tries to help anybody anyhow he can. His passion for body building is obviously shown, each evening anybody can find him hitting the weights in the evening.

The last but not least, Muhammad Hanifur Rahman, 23, is the smallest in physical, but not in his experience in life. Graduated with a diploma in Science from KPTM Kota Bharu, he is a fanatic in playing computer games. Albeit that, he is good at computing.

To end this post, we would like to explain why is this blog created. As one of the assignments and a bright learning plan from our english teacher, we hope that together we would benefit lots from this blog. We welcome you to our blog, hoping you would find it entertaining, if not, resourceful from our future posts.

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