Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cape Malay (Melayu Cape)

Melayu Cape can be considered as ethnic group in South Africa. Their community's earliest were  transported by Dutch East India Company as the slave. They can back to hometown because got imprisoned by Dutch East India Company in South Africa and lived in District Place. Even though they got imprisoned, their group were the first that introduced Islam and become quite large Muslim community to there. Their culture also have a few different from Melayu because they have  adaptations to the traditional foods in there such as bredie, bobotie, etc.Usually they speaks in English or Afrikaans. they no more speak in Malay ,although they still using some word or phrase in their daily usage. Carnival street festival or known as Cape Town Minstrel is a culturan event that introduced by Cape Malay. They music has been great attention to academics, historians, musicologists, writers and even politicians.Signal Hill is the famous place that places the Malay Quarter of Cape Town, known as Bo-Kaap.Now the have made International relationship with Malaysian government and others Southeast Asian region.

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