Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fairy Tales:"Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup"

This story about a poor widow with two children who are still small. The eldest is a girl, while the youngest was a boy. The mother had to take all responsible to take care her child after her husband died. She making all sorts of work like farming, maid and catch fish. She make a lot of works to make sure they did not die from starvation. 
One day, she was able to catch a Temakul fish with eggs. Once the fish is cooked, she told his daughter to give his little son eat because she still had some work to do. Before going, she remind to her girl daughter to keep some fish eggs that have been cooked because she want to eat when get home. So, the mother leave them and go to continue her work. Then the sister serves a dish to her brother. her brother love to eat fish eggs, so he eat all of them and no more except the last she keep for her mother. Her brother crying and still want that egg fish, although her sister told that was for the mother. The sister feel pity for him and give the remaining fish eggs Temakul to her brother. 
When the mother back from work and she upset when she know, all the egg fish was eaten by her son. She feel frustrated and sad, so decided to go to the sides of the stone called " batu belah batu bertangkup". She ran into the rocks and saying please swallow me, i really upset with my son. She repeatedly, while running to the side of that stone. Seeing the situation, the sister begging to her mother. She said  "mother, mother ...please do not, do not leave us". The mother do not listen to her son and move to the side of that stone. Then she got swallow by that stone. The sister and brother crying all the days.


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    1. very very nice!!!!!!!!!
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  2. The summary is so wrong.

  3. That english and grammar tho

  4. That english and grammar tho

  5. Can someone please write this story in proper English. This is a badly written story and the grammer is atrocious.

  6. it was a nice story it kinda doesn't.nake sence for me.

  7. Is this a another version? The original story is far from this